Model Crone

Model Crone, named after Ferd Crone, the mayor of Leeuwarden (capitol of Friesland in the north of The Netherlands, having it's own frysian flag) looks out at the responsibility of the sellingpoints of cannabis. They regulate the proces:

- Growing
- Qualitycontrol (collaborating with an independent testlab-facilty & municipal watercontol organisation) 
- Transportation 
- Sales

'The current allowance-policy of the frontdoor will be prolonged to the backdoor', Crone states.

 The coffeeshop will be transformed to a specific farm-shop. 'The apples growing in the garden will have to be sold in the shop', but in the case of coffeeshops it's all about hasj, weed and cannabis related products.

 Growers with this model will be on the payroll of the coffeeshop, for exapmple, so that the quality of the cannabis can be safeguarded on this manner. The model Crone focusses on a better implementation of the allowance policy, a coffeeshop who has not arranged it's backdoor can be closed down quickly. That's easy to control. 

'Letting the market go free is not possible, but forbidding everything has no meaning as well. So we want to prolong the allowancepolicy-construction to the backdoor. Than we can monitor everything', Crone stated in a local newspaper. 

How this monitoring will be shaped in real life is not quite clear with this model. Crone always advocated for an experiment with the farmingshop experiment, but said it was not possible because there was no political agreement in government to make this possible, but maybe a recent majority in parliament for regulation in synergy with parliamentary questions could change that. Putting model Crone in practise would be a nice incentive for Leeuwarden as European cultural capitol in 2018.