California 1996

The doctor and the free market.

You care about health and the use of marijuana, but you are also capitalisticly inclined. For years, the doctor was the channel for the distribution of marijuana while the farming happend on a realtivly free market in California.

The upside of this system is the availability of constant health monitoring for patients, while the demand for produce of quality steers the economic ups and downs in the free market.

However pleasing this system sounds, it has a few drawbacks. Mainly, it overloaded the role and work of the doctors, whom began prescribing marijuana en masse for people asking for relieve from relatively little pains. Today you can allready get a medical marijuana card following a Skype consult.

This system being as liberal as it is, in 2016 the people of California chose to open up the system even further in the direction of a free market. The old California system is a good in-between solution, although it causes some haziness (yes, pun intended).